Master Course in GBR and Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures


August 30 - September 1, 2017

zmk bern - Freiburgstrasse 7 - 3010 Bern

Prof. Dr. D. Buser, Dept. of Oral Surgery, zmk bern, University of Bern

Prof. Dr. Istvan Urban, Budapest, Hungary

Prof. Dr. D. Bosshardt, Robert K. Schenk Laboratory for Oral Histology, zmk bern, University of Bern

Prof. Dr. Karl Dula, Dept. of Oral Surgery, zmk bern, University of Bern

PD. Dr. V. Chappuis, Dept. of Oral Surgery, zmk bern, University of Bern

Prof. Dr. Th. von Arx, Dept. of Oral Surgery, zmk bern, University of Bern

Course objectives
Implant therapy has rapidly expanded in private practice in recent years documented by a continued increase of
implant patients every year. This positive development is due to various factors, among them a significant progress with
bone augmentation procedures. Today, more than 50% of implants at our department are placed in conjunction
with a bone augmentation procedure, using either a simultaneous or a staged approach. Two surgical procedures are
mainly used to predictably augment bone deficiencies in the jaws, the GBR technique with barrier membranes or
sinus floor elevation (SFE) methods using either the lateral window technique or the transalveolar Osteotome technique.
This interactive 3 day CE course has been established for experienced implant surgeons. The speakers will
present the biological basis for current surgical procedures in various lectures, the selection of biomaterials, and
appropriate healing periods in such demanding. The different surgical techniques will be presented with live surgeries.
In addition, two hands-on workshops are offered.
SAC-Classification: Class A+C (advanced and complex)

• Welcome and current trends in implant surgery
• Pattern of bone healing in defect sites
• Scientific evaluation of barrier membranes
• Scientific evaluation of bone grafts and bone substitutes
• Implants in extraction sockets: The concept of early implant          placement
• Update on extraction technique in implant patients
• Implant placement with simultaneous membrane application
• Ridge augmentation with autografts and barrier membranes
• Sinus floor elevation with the window technique and Osteotome      technique
• Live surgeries with GBR and SFE procedures
• 1 hands-on workshop with GBR and 1 videosession showing various bone augmentation procedures step-by-step

Course type
Theoretical and practical course with live surgeries (total of 25 CE credit hours)

Language: English

Course fees

CHF 2900.– (incl. CHF 200.– for food and beverage)
CHF 1650.– (incl. CHF 200.– for food and beverage) for post-doc students (only with confirmation of the university)